Saturday, 18 March 2017

Top things to avoid when staging home

Almost everybody amongst us has been there while selling their properties to the buyers through agents. We tend to quickly jump on to some revamping, renovating and remodelling work for the property that we want to sell just to make it somehow more and more appealing to the buyers and we think that will be going to increase the price and lets us earn more profit.
That all is understandable but, there must be a limitation to all such things. Over staging can distract buyers for what exactly your property has to offer or even can make them think that you are hiding something from them. So at this point somethings are to be avoided preventing you from overdoing.
Here are some of the important things to avoid while staging your property. The sole motto is to keep things simple and sober while you present your property to the buyers.

Fancy table settings

The buyers aren’t looking for fancy, expensive and attractive table settings full of antiques and articles. These things will surely look beautiful but aren’t necessary at all.

A perfect bedroom

Creating a look of a perfect bedroom will make your property look like as if it is a hotel or something and gives a false illusion to the buyer.

Too many fragrances

Always try to avoid cheap smells just some fresh flowers and open windows will make the circulation of air better and will do the job.

Expensive electronics

Again, there is no need to make your house look like a hotel or else the buyer will think whether they can afford all of it or not. And the deal might go down the drain.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Know about the real estate business

I’m sure that there must be many people who want to make their future in the real estate business. And they must’ve come across many people and online sources that tell them to do the stuff their way. But there are several misconceptions that have already been there in almost every business model. Let us take note of all those things and dive deeper and know more about how you can operate in such business idea.

Be sure about the information that you’ve

Be confident about the information that you are collecting about the property that you are selling. Also, try to dig deeper to know about the history and the potential future of the revenue with the operating expenses of the property too.

Learn Everything? NO!

Stay focused on what you want to do, stick to one segment at a time on

ly. This will not only help you gain all the required knowledge in that sectors but also will remove any distractions whatsoever.

Having a clear vision

Make sure that you are clear about the vision that you have for your real estate business and learn about the investments also.

Understand the importance of the location

Always be sure about the location first rather than the amenities and the facilities that are provided in the property. Location does leave a long lasting impact on the property’s overall value.

Step out of your comfort zone

Always and always try to push yourself harder to do things that you are scared off. Take chances and get rid of your fear.  

Saturday, 31 December 2016

How would an affordable hall be looking?

 Hey Folks,

I am back with another tutorial regarding the renovation of home. We all know the fact that the big halls of our homes are the most beautiful place, where all the friends and family members gather and spend the time, but when it comes to the decoration part, none of us pay the required attention to it. So, today, I would like share my view regarding some budgeted products that can aid your hall in looking the most beautiful place of the house.

First of first, let’s talk about the fans, nowadays the fans comes in very stylish manner and they are of very affordable price, so, go and get it first. Then comes the wall colour part, make sure that you go for light colours as the walls look will fade if you use the darker colours. In case you are a very big fan of the dark colour, do go for painting the main wall with your favourite dark colour and leave the rest walls with the light colours.  

Do use paintings and decoration wind chimes; it will make your hall look more fascinating. Also, make sure that you use contradicting colour of bedsits and other stuff.

So, this is it, an affordable and worthing hall making things. Do try it out friends and possibly you may like it. As the year is ending, so Happy New Year to you all and stay blessed. I hope you all have a very nice and prolific year.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Renters could have a very nive New Year...

Very surprising but the cheaper rental properties are just set to be the landmark for the 2017, which is greatest news for the tenants. LJ Hooker, who is the head of the research Matthew Tiller indeed expects to see more households hold off on the buying and instead of stay in the rental market, with the potential for the further drop in rental costs to come. The paper also states that the affordability, the investor demands and the new supply will be contributing to making the renting more and more attractive than buying.
The REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said, "I agreed with the LJ Hooker white paper and thought renters were set to do well coming into the new year".
“If you’re looking to buy at the moment then things are looking pretty unaffordable, but if you’re looking to rent you can do really well and a lot of people can afford to rent in places that they couldn’t afford to buy in,” Ms Conisbee said.
She in her real words reveal that the renting could provide the balanced lifestyle that people were seeking.
“One thing with buying property is that you don’t want to get yourself so highly leveraged that you can’t afford a decent lifestyle. There’s more to life than a mortgage,” Ms Conisbee said.
“In the last 12 months the cost of purchasing a unit in the CBD has dropped by 1.8 per cent while the cost of renting in the CBD has dropped by 3.8 per cent,” Ms Conisbee said.

So, here was the full view of the economists about the real estate condition. Now, the things remains in your hand that whether you want to move ahead in the buying line or in the renting line.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

What should be the colour of your Penthouse? Want to know the most trending one?

The real Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced recently and it is announced before the commencement of every year since the year 2000.
The nominated colour of this are those that are seen as the snapshot of indeed what is just happening in the whole world culture and it has its historically influenced architecture, interior design, fashion, and even the food.
The Pantone basically describes the 2017’s Greenery as the “nature’s neutral” means a colour, which renders the “reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment”, as it was in accordance to the Leatrice Eiserman, who is the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.
Eiserman has foretold that the people will just love to go for a fresh start in the New Year by eating healthier foods and disconnecting from the technology a little bit and spending more and more time on the great outdoors.
“Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose,” she said.
The last year Pantone picked the green just for its colour of the year, which was in the year 2013, when it chosen the colour the darker Emerald hue, which literally symbolised luxury.
So, now what do you all think? What should be your choice and what should be your colour collection of the house? Didn’t think till now? think again because this year is about to end.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Before the end of the year, here is the Australia’s best growth suburbs

Few days there was an auction season, which started to gradually the power that was ahead of the Christmas, a very fresh and new data has been revealed that instantly showed the double-digit growth in hundreds of the suburbs across the country for the past year, which is initially very drastic.

The place named Plumpton, in Melbourne city is the northwest drastic growth corridor, which has indeed achieved the highest annual growth in the terms of the houses of all suburbs that are in the Australia in the past year.

The Voyager Point, which is located on the Georges River and its about 25kms away from the Sydney CBD, did achieve the second biggest annual growth and it was 33%, whihc was totally and closely followed by the Wonga Park of the Melbourne’s outer northeast with the gradual increase of 32% annual growth.

The Victoria boasts that is always considered as the most number of suburbs in the national top 10 list, came fifth. The NSW and the Western Australia have two each, which is slightly disappointing, while the South Australia and the Queensland feature one suburb in the national top 10 list. The Annual growth that was seen was just in between 25% and 40% for suburbs in the national top 10 list.

So, this is the growth chart that came up before the year end and it showed the slightly changing air of the suburbs. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Home possessions difficult in Perth

A new housing affordability study has found that home ownership remains difficult for households on low to moderate incomes. A study for the metropolitan area is the result of collaboration between the real estate institute of Western Australia, the housing authority and shelter WA, and is focused on affordability for households on very low and moderate incomes.

 There is a mismatch between the availability of housing in Perth and what households can afford. Less than one percent private market sales of houses and units were affordable to households on a very low income. Up to 43% of households in Perth are considered very low or low income. The Perth housing market is heavily weighted towards larger properties having three or more bedrooms, which highlights the lack of diversity in housing stock.

Housing minister Brendon Grylls said that while the property market has softened, improving availability for dome those on the lowest incomes are still finding it extremely difficult to find available, appropriate and affordable housing. With over 80% of sales being larger properties, it is also evident that there is a lack of diversity in Perth housing market.

Housing affordability is a complex issue and the information in the report will inform the housing authority in the delivering of its commitments under the state affordable housing strategy, which is on track to provide 30000 affordable houses opportunities by 2020.