Saturday, 31 December 2016

How would an affordable hall be looking?

 Hey Folks,

I am back with another tutorial regarding the renovation of home. We all know the fact that the big halls of our homes are the most beautiful place, where all the friends and family members gather and spend the time, but when it comes to the decoration part, none of us pay the required attention to it. So, today, I would like share my view regarding some budgeted products that can aid your hall in looking the most beautiful place of the house.

First of first, let’s talk about the fans, nowadays the fans comes in very stylish manner and they are of very affordable price, so, go and get it first. Then comes the wall colour part, make sure that you go for light colours as the walls look will fade if you use the darker colours. In case you are a very big fan of the dark colour, do go for painting the main wall with your favourite dark colour and leave the rest walls with the light colours.  

Do use paintings and decoration wind chimes; it will make your hall look more fascinating. Also, make sure that you use contradicting colour of bedsits and other stuff.

So, this is it, an affordable and worthing hall making things. Do try it out friends and possibly you may like it. As the year is ending, so Happy New Year to you all and stay blessed. I hope you all have a very nice and prolific year.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Renters could have a very nive New Year...

Very surprising but the cheaper rental properties are just set to be the landmark for the 2017, which is greatest news for the tenants. LJ Hooker, who is the head of the research Matthew Tiller indeed expects to see more households hold off on the buying and instead of stay in the rental market, with the potential for the further drop in rental costs to come. The paper also states that the affordability, the investor demands and the new supply will be contributing to making the renting more and more attractive than buying.
The REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said, "I agreed with the LJ Hooker white paper and thought renters were set to do well coming into the new year".
“If you’re looking to buy at the moment then things are looking pretty unaffordable, but if you’re looking to rent you can do really well and a lot of people can afford to rent in places that they couldn’t afford to buy in,” Ms Conisbee said.
She in her real words reveal that the renting could provide the balanced lifestyle that people were seeking.
“One thing with buying property is that you don’t want to get yourself so highly leveraged that you can’t afford a decent lifestyle. There’s more to life than a mortgage,” Ms Conisbee said.
“In the last 12 months the cost of purchasing a unit in the CBD has dropped by 1.8 per cent while the cost of renting in the CBD has dropped by 3.8 per cent,” Ms Conisbee said.

So, here was the full view of the economists about the real estate condition. Now, the things remains in your hand that whether you want to move ahead in the buying line or in the renting line.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

What should be the colour of your Penthouse? Want to know the most trending one?

The real Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced recently and it is announced before the commencement of every year since the year 2000.
The nominated colour of this are those that are seen as the snapshot of indeed what is just happening in the whole world culture and it has its historically influenced architecture, interior design, fashion, and even the food.
The Pantone basically describes the 2017’s Greenery as the “nature’s neutral” means a colour, which renders the “reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment”, as it was in accordance to the Leatrice Eiserman, who is the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.
Eiserman has foretold that the people will just love to go for a fresh start in the New Year by eating healthier foods and disconnecting from the technology a little bit and spending more and more time on the great outdoors.
“Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose,” she said.
The last year Pantone picked the green just for its colour of the year, which was in the year 2013, when it chosen the colour the darker Emerald hue, which literally symbolised luxury.
So, now what do you all think? What should be your choice and what should be your colour collection of the house? Didn’t think till now? think again because this year is about to end.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Before the end of the year, here is the Australia’s best growth suburbs

Few days there was an auction season, which started to gradually the power that was ahead of the Christmas, a very fresh and new data has been revealed that instantly showed the double-digit growth in hundreds of the suburbs across the country for the past year, which is initially very drastic.

The place named Plumpton, in Melbourne city is the northwest drastic growth corridor, which has indeed achieved the highest annual growth in the terms of the houses of all suburbs that are in the Australia in the past year.

The Voyager Point, which is located on the Georges River and its about 25kms away from the Sydney CBD, did achieve the second biggest annual growth and it was 33%, whihc was totally and closely followed by the Wonga Park of the Melbourne’s outer northeast with the gradual increase of 32% annual growth.

The Victoria boasts that is always considered as the most number of suburbs in the national top 10 list, came fifth. The NSW and the Western Australia have two each, which is slightly disappointing, while the South Australia and the Queensland feature one suburb in the national top 10 list. The Annual growth that was seen was just in between 25% and 40% for suburbs in the national top 10 list.

So, this is the growth chart that came up before the year end and it showed the slightly changing air of the suburbs. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Home possessions difficult in Perth

A new housing affordability study has found that home ownership remains difficult for households on low to moderate incomes. A study for the metropolitan area is the result of collaboration between the real estate institute of Western Australia, the housing authority and shelter WA, and is focused on affordability for households on very low and moderate incomes.

 There is a mismatch between the availability of housing in Perth and what households can afford. Less than one percent private market sales of houses and units were affordable to households on a very low income. Up to 43% of households in Perth are considered very low or low income. The Perth housing market is heavily weighted towards larger properties having three or more bedrooms, which highlights the lack of diversity in housing stock.

Housing minister Brendon Grylls said that while the property market has softened, improving availability for dome those on the lowest incomes are still finding it extremely difficult to find available, appropriate and affordable housing. With over 80% of sales being larger properties, it is also evident that there is a lack of diversity in Perth housing market.

Housing affordability is a complex issue and the information in the report will inform the housing authority in the delivering of its commitments under the state affordable housing strategy, which is on track to provide 30000 affordable houses opportunities by 2020.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Renovation and Its preciseness

The proper meaning of the term Renovation is what? In normal terms we say, the process of renovating something or giving a new looks to anything.

So, directly applying these thoughts on the houses, what beams up? There are lot many things one can do for the house but few people think that renovating home means affording a white elephant, but it’s not so.

There are so many ways and methods that can be used for renovating house at affordable price. Most, importantly, one amazing thing is buzzing up in the vogue. Nowadays, it’s the trend to give the odd colours chance to mix with each and other and bring up something very new. Start from the first step and i.e. the door.

A colourful door is the easiest way to add instant curb appeal. Why not go bold and make a strong first impression?

This dialogue is quite famous today, as most of the people are trying out either the dark or the light colours to give a new look to their door. The time of having mere colours on the door is gone now.

Secondly, another thing is the walls of the room. How to give new look to it?

If you’ve really seen million designer rooms in the tried-and-true colour schemes (again with the blue and gray?), what clicks in your mind? They're hardly the next-level colour combos that interior designers use to totally transform a room.

In the contemporary world, the designers are sharing the unexpected and unbelievably chic palettes and now they are turning to time and time again.

So, living in vogue always require slight effort but this effort would be Worthing one. Never think that only burgeoned people can afford this type of system. It comes in so many packages that anyone can try it out.

Friday, 18 November 2016

How To Buy A Home In Australia

The Australian system also includes some key consumer protections that Canada's lacks. CBC Market place recently investigated how Canadian consumers can be at a disadvantage when buying a home, as bids are kept secret, allowing for possible manipulation. Using hidden cameras, Market place documented real estate teams in the Greater Toronto Area breaking the real estate act and its code of ethics.

 Australians have access to a lot more real estate data than we do in most parts of Canada. Buyers can obtain home inspection results, sale-price histories and information on recent sales of comparable and neighboring homes — without going to an agent to get the information. Almost six million Australians — about a quarter of the country's population — access one of the country's most popular real estate information websites every month.

Australia real estate auctions 2:01 Bids are kept secret in Canada and no would-be buyer knows what the others have offered. In Australia, the process is transparent. Over about a four-week period leading up to the auction, interested house-hunters can schedule visits and inspections on the home in order to prepare their bids. The process usually lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and the spectacle often attracts an audience who just come by to watch. It's not uncommon for house-hunters to attend multiple auctions in one day, quickly moving onto the next property on their list if they fail to win a home.
So, in the normal terms, there are lots of options available in Australia and these qualities in this country is just unbeatable.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Forecast of The Real Estate

Donald Trump has won the presidential election; this burning news has already warmed everyone's ears. Now, the people are scandalized about the next execution. Many people's appraisal speaks that he may shatter the Australian's housing bubble.

However, many of the Americans are very happy to see their new President but on the other hand; many people are also astonished by this output. The past records of Mr. Trump are already known, which is actually giving air to raving. Nobody can forecast about his next step.

Meanwhile, it is being said that he can shatter Australia's east coast housing bubble by raising the interest rate. Not only this but this is also predicted that he may commence the trade war with China, which can bring fissure and all these circumstances may lead to inflation.

People can hope for a little bit of mercy to from the leaders who should stop these ruthless steps but can't assure that whether they will be able to do it or not. The promises Mr. Trump made in the election, now is the time to implement all to prove him. And it is felt that he will take the actions very severely.

With the advent of Mr. Trump, it can be said that this is a new Trumpist era, in which he will be the inflation driver and also will change the economist's forecasts.

Overall, nothing can be forecasted but only we can hope for the best from this era can be literally destructive and devastating.  


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Remodeling bedroom tips

Comfort is the key for every bedroom. With huge many different types of bedroom sizes, shapes and styles, sometimes it can be difficult to remodel it. Explore bedroom design ideas below to transform your room into the relaxing oasis you need.
A bedroom is a very practical room in the home, and as such, its design should be in a very good way for both the relaxation and sleep. It is also the typically one of the places in the home for retreat - interior designers sometimes tell for colors with soft soothing and minimal distractions in their design – especially when it comes to the part of accessories.
choosing the right bed
The most important part of the bedroom is the bed in terms of furniture. Pick the one that will give the good sleep with the good quality of the mattress. Be sure to try a variety of beds before making the final purchase.
Bedroom lighting should be more suitable and soft, and easy to switch off and on. If you know you have troubles getting out of bed in the month of winters, add the lighting that you can reach without having under the covers. If you often fall asleep with the lights on, consider adding the light with a timer to help to save energy and also get the shut eye. chandeliers, Pendant lights, and even the table lamps are all welcome in bedroom lighting. By using the lights the person can remodel their bedroom.

Real Estate in Perth

When it comes to Perth real estate, there are many factors to consider and with so many suburbs to choose from, you might want to break the ice by choosing from; you might want to eventuate by choosing the lifestyle factors that are most important to you. As one of the city’s most prestigious suburbs, you will find a great commingle of housing types here, offering close access to more than three kilometers of stunning beaches .There are plenty of amenities to be found along the waterfront including numerous restaurants and cafes.

Alfresco enthusiasts might want to investigate the Perth real estate on offer at city beach, which is situated 11 km from the Perth. Plenty of natural bush land and excellent sports facilities at city beach oval. The city beach is part of the town of Cambridge and has enough to offer residents who love to be active.

Australia’s resources boom has been seen all eyes turn to Perth in recent years and the western Australian capital city is known as dynamic, metropolitan area with a population of some 1.7 million people. As the nation’s fastest growing state, WA is focused on development and nowhere in the state is as focused on business, culture and arts and entertainment than Perth.    

Friday, 4 November 2016


Just like anything new, kicking off an investment portfolio can be terrifying. However, with the right strategy and conscientious research comes confidence; and with confidence anything is achievable. But where does a first-time property investor start?

Jo Chivers, director of Property Bloom, says there are two lessons she learned near the beginning of her investing career, both of which have created her investment strategy ever since. First, investing in property is a long-term strategy.

“When you take into contemplation the high purchase costs such as stamp duty, legal and loan costs, then you really need to be holding for over five years, depending on where we are in the property cycle. My strategy now is to hold property long term, or at least 10 years to advantage from an entire property cycle,” she says.

Secondly, since buying her first investment property in 2000, Chivers has read innumerable books and magazine articles and completed an intensive property investment course, educating herself to become more financially knowledgeable and understand all the strategies that can be used when investing in property. “I recommend first-time investors educate themselves before purchasing,” she advises.

Part of this education is being clear on what you are trying to achieve. Pino Tedesco, the director of Capital Property Advisory, says that without a plan it’s almost impossible to get to the goals you’re trying to attain. “Different investors have diverse goals and different constraints. Those will govern what sort of structures you put in place, or finance strategies you may employ. Once you put your plan together you should be able to see yourself reaching your short, medium and long-term goals,” he says.

An initial strategy should be treated like a blueprint for all future investments. It can also offer certain steps that must be considered for each investment. Tedesco outlines the key questions to ask:
  •  How do I constitute my investment?
  •  Do I acquire my own name?
  • Do I purchase in a trust?
  • Do I use my super or ask parents to assist with a deposit?
  • In regards to finance, which products do I utilize?
  • Which banks?
  • Before I buy, if renovating is part of my strategy, what are the costs in doing so?

Taking into contemplation the goals and constraints of the investor, a risk profile should also be developed. This will weigh the pros and cons of various ways of investing. “Some people buy and hold; some people buy, renovate and hold; some buy, renovate and vend. That could be for existing stock out in the market, or it could be for new stock just built, or possibly even off the plan. Different strategies have dissimilar risks. That’s why it’s very significant in your initial strategy to review your risk profile. Find out which is the most appropriate approach for you,” Tedesco suggests.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Home renovation is very trendy these days. More and more homeowners are choosing to stay in the same place, making it more lucrative and fashionable, rather than purchase a new home. To make room for budding families and changing needs, home renovations are occurring at an ever-faster pace. Whether the need is to update the home, add more space or simply make the home better, it reflects a family’s character and needs.

We also have the expertise to take on technically difficult and complex projects such as dealing with unique structural issues or projects requiring work that is phased over time. Home renovations are done according to the taste and wish of the family members, whether they want it to my up to the minute or vintage or contemporary. Mostly liked renovations are discussed below:
1.   Vintage
It actually refers to a particular period in time - the glamorous 1940s. Extremely elegant, colours are soft with one or two bold colours for impacting contrast, and fabrics, luxurious. Vintage houses emit an old world vibe.
2.   Contemporary
If you like to keep up with current styles, contemporary homes styles suit you best. By its definition, contemporary designs are characterized by what is in style right now. Therefore, they are ever changing and can be a mixture of different eras, put together elegantly.
3.   Eclectic interior
Eclectic interior design is a mash up of styles, textures and colours in one room. Because it can seem so random, it takes a keen eye to strike that balance. Done right, it can create an atmosphere that is charming, distinctive, imaginative and pleasurable.

4.   Industrial interior
The industrial interior comes from the manufacturing. The look is raw,
unfinished, achieved with rough surfaces and materials that suggest an 
industrial past. Wood and metal are used heavily, as are exposed pipes 
and ducts, cement screed, and vintage furniture. The style never looks sloppy, and can look coordinated.

5.   Transitional
Transitional style is also known as 'updated classic'. It is a blend of the classy and refined conventional style and simplistic contemporary style to create an uncomplicated design that epitomizes harmony and elegance. Furniture used should focus on sophistication, soothe and practicality.
 6.   Retro
As with Vintage, retro designs are not anything that is old. It refers to the styles encouraged by 1960s decor, where psychedelic patterns and colours ruled. These designs came with the hippy movement and today, inject homes with intellect of nostalgia and eclecticism.
 In addition to making your life better every day, home remodeling projects will ideally enhance your home’s value. Buyers look at the basic structure and floor plan of your house, as well as the home’s condition. So it’s advised that your house should be well maintained and accessories entirely match with its making style.

Friday, 14 October 2016


A flip is defined as a home that is bought and sold again within 12 months.
Gradually rising home prices are bringing more house flippers out of the woodwork, and that may be a sign of an out busting housing market. The number of active home flippers last year was the highest in nearly a decade, and it has not stopped over time, but increased.

"For the year, 21 percent of all properties flipped were purchased out of foreclosure, but that is down from 27 percent in 2012 and 32 percent in 2011. Investors are finding discounted buying opportunities outside of the public foreclosure process." says Daren Blomquist, vice president of RealtyTrac.
Approximately 180,000 family homes were flipped in 2015, according to RealtyTrac. Flipping increased in 75 percent of U.S. markets, and the profits are growing as well.

"When home flipping numbers go up, it is usually an indication that the housing market is in trouble," said Matthew Gardner, chief economist at Windermere Real Estate in Seattle.
Flippers end up having to take bigger risks for smaller profits where even minor miscalculations or sudden market swings can lead to huge losses. As the flipping bubble implodes, and as reality replaces perceived guaranteed returns, many flippers will be hit with losses and will be dragged out.
House flipping - buying and reselling a home to make quick money - has risen in some hot housing markets, prompting concerns that local housing bubbles could be developing.
The concern now is that prices are rising too fast, not because buyers can afford to pay more but because of extremely short supply of homes for sale. Home flipping can push prices artificially higher.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Real Estate Flipping: 3 Mistakes You should Certainly Avoid

Real Estate Flipping: 3 Mistakes You should Certainly Avoid
Stepping in any market without knowing the basics is a cordial invitation to failure and loss. And when the market is real estate, the things get even riskier, even if the concerned subject is flipping. As easy and profitable as the concept of flipping may seem, it might turn out to be a flop if not done properly. So let us take a look at the 3 mistakes that you should certainly avoid saving your flip from a flop.
·         Insufficient Money: Here, we’re talking about the money you have. The logic is quite simple, the money you are planning to invest in the renovation and other costs, needs to be less than the selling price of the property. Having insufficient money in the first place means borrowing and hence paying interest, adding more and more to your expenses and less for the profit.
·         No Skills or Knowledge: You need to do your homework. The more skills and knowledge you have, less money you need to spend on the professionals to do the work for you. And it is more helpful than you can imagine. Not only while flipping, but your knowledge and skills are necessary to choose the right property as well.
·         Impatience: As they say, Patience is the key to success or profit in our case. Only a Novice will make a hurry in real estate matters. Hurrying in choosing the contractor or the realtor is never going to help for the profit.

Thus, these are some mistakes you should avoid while flipping your property to earn maximum profit, for more updates on the same keep following us.

Monday, 26 September 2016

How we can remove broken light bulb ?

To change a broken light bulb, the 1stthing you must do is to turn off the current in it. If the broken light bulb hangs from the ceiling then put off the power at the electrical board and if the broken light bulb is inside a lamp then unplug the lamp.

Then wear safety glasses and a pair of protective gloves to hold any broken glass. But these instructions for incandescent bulbs only.

For other types of bulbs-
·       Use a pair needle-nosed plier - Grab the broken light bulb base and try to rotate it anti-clockwise until it starts to move. If you face trouble holding the base of the bulb in the pliers, you may angle the base slightly interior for a better grip. After you have removed the broken light bulb vacuum up the glass bits and debris.

·       Using an uncooked potato - Cut an uncooked potato in half to get a wide surface area from which to grab the bulb. Plunge the cut portion of the spud onto the base of the lamp. Make sure you have a rigid grip on the potato and begin to turn anti-clockwise until the base is removed. As told above, you may require jerking free.After removing, dry off any liquid that may have remained onto the fixture. Now carefully remove the broken bulb from the potato, dispose the spud and recycle the light bulb remaining.

It will be better if you consult and call any electrician to do this task.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

5 must have features for home renovation

Before you begin applying a hammer on your walls there are certain things to consider, whether you are remodeling to sell or just renovating your living space. Marie Bolton says it is important to know renovation is a long term investment so decide accordingly.
Some features you should consider for remodeling:

·       Built-in Ethernet cabling -TVs and computers require fast internet to make them useful, and speedy internet is best and most securely offered by conventional blue or yellow cables. The best time to put these cables during a remodeling is before the wall cladding enters the walls.

·       Gas stride window with the server - Who do not want a breakfast bar in their own house? The gas-stride window is a good alternative to bi-fold windows which are costly and can infringe on the space when folded open.

·       Street Appeal –Owning a deluxe house hidden behind a dreary exterior is slightly old fashioned. It must possess overhangs and shapes to shade the walls. It must contain windows positioned to provide privacy. It must possess a link to the character of the street.

·       Pendants –This is a good way to upgrade your house and is not only useful but can very appealing and even look like artworks.

·       Reverse cycle air-conditioning -Adding air-conditioning is a necessity as air-conditioners are valuable to houses. Better it still may be reverse cycle air-conditioning. Air-conditions are affordable to everyone now that energy conserved air-conditioners are found. So throw the old window air-conditioners and install split systems in every living room and bedroom.

If you are planning a house renovation many of these features must be in your list which adds timeless and real value to your home.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Two of the best Real Estate tools in 2016

Technology is a major influencer in any and every business, especially for real estate. It isn't just about listings and notices but the functionality extends beyond the buy-sell code.
Even the buyers today have innumerable tools at their disposable. You have to keep up or you'll go. With practicality and applicability in mind, we bring to you 2 tools, one of them for a smartphone to take your property deals to the next level.

Beautiful and practical, GoConnect is an app that is efficient and stylish. All the listings are passes in four color-coded categories which comes with an action list. Once a vendor checks in, you can assign contacts and when a potential buyer shows up, you can instantly get listings under contract

GoConnect is concise, uncluttered and streamlined. Supported by iOS and Android, this app is free.
It's a 50-50 chance that you've heard of Tansler. Similar to Airbnb but more useful, it has one unique feature that sets it apart: reverse auction. What's that? Well before coming to that let’s understand how Tansler works. You need to share your home for a while and you list your vacation property. There nothing new in that. But the difference here is that it's not you, it's the prospective renters who quote the price they are willing to pay per night.
Renters may choose as many properties as they like and bid for it. Now all the renter offers are sent to you, creating a mini-auction. Now the race begins, where the first host or owner who accepts the offer wins and ends the auction. So instead of renters bidding for a house, it's you bidding for a renter. Also, everything is fresh as the auction expires after 24 hours if no owner accepts that offer.
Oh, and hang those hooks. You aren't at too much loss here. You are letting a random person choose a random price but you're still getting something aren't you? Plus who says that you have to accept anything?? Accept if you like if you don't they disappear.
There's another wow factor here.
Tansler only charges a 3% fee to owners, while handling all the payment processing plus, pays the owners within 48 hours of accepting any offer.
Tansler is a unique business model which empowers the prospective renters to and allowing backflow of demand. If you still think that it isn't going to work, think again for the business is going good and Tansler now has over 50,000 properties and still growing. Tansler has even partnered with Homeaway/VRBO. Tansler can help you expands your potential client base.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Questions to ask when buying a home

Questions to ask when buying a home
When you head towards a home and decide for the offer, you already have a list of questions to ask a real estate agent to ensure you are signing the right deal. Never forget to pose hard-hitting questions to past property-owners, the neighbours, and even yourself.
Following questions to be asked:

·       Is renting or buying a good option?
Depending on your present status, you may need some time to save for a down payment. If you have much debt, do not have many funds saved up or a low credit score renting may be a good option.
·       What is the neighbourhood’s crime rate?
The second important thing regarding what questions to ask when owning a house is the safety of your neighbourhood and city.
·       What is wrong in the house?
The sellers really want to get rid of the properties, so they are unwilling to disclose any actual problems. You should remind sellers that with disclosures and inspections chances are you will find out the problems. Therefore if the sellers just open up with it, they will avoid wasting their time and yours.
·       Is this property in a flood plain?
Residing in a flood plain requires flood insurance, which can affect the cost of living in the home. Be sure to question if the house is in a floodplain. It does mean anything to talk with your property agent and double-check with the county, too.

So questioning about buying a property before you make a deal help you determine whether the property for sale is correct for you or not.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

5 Location Factors to consider in Commercial Property

5 Location Factors to consider in Commercial Property
A worthwhile location is very important to the accomplishment of your business but this can prove quite tough because one of the challenges of starting a business profitably is getting a nice business site.
Five factors before choosing any business location:
·       Style of operation – The location should be at par with your particular style; formal or casual. If your business is of retailing, do you want a traditional market, or you will like to try operating from a cart that you can move to various locations or a kiosk in a mall.
·       Availability of raw materials - If you intend to run a manufacturing business, then the availability of raw materials is a point you must consider when choosing your business location. If your business is not located near these raw materials, then transportation and sourcing will reduce your profit end.
·       Demographics - Demographics as a feature have a huge influence on your choice of business site. Suppose you are in the business of retailing stationeries. It means your demographics will be made up of students, so your best location will be within school vicinity.
·       Nearness to market - Consider the nearness of your business to its customers. Whether your customers are end users or resellers determine the best place to locate your business. Remember for a successful business it should be easy for customers to locate your product.
·       Availability of basic infrastructure – Infrastructure and amenities like water supply, good road network, power supply, and security are needs to consider when locating your business.

So the location of your business is a strong feature that should not be taken lightly as it can either make or break your business.