Thursday, 30 June 2016

Effects of Brexit on Australian Market

Britain’s exit from the European Union popularly known as Brexit is the new hot. The UK chose to bid farewell to the politico-economic group of 28 member states. Though the formalities for the exit are to take two years yet the effects of the mere news are quite visible and are very likely to be felt in Australian real estate market too. So, to clear the air, here we discuss the actual effects of the event over Australian Economy.

First of all, the news is not bad. In fact, the event is believed to make the Australian economy even more stable and safe. Australia has always been a tough competitor to Europe when an economy is concerned. This implies a negative effect of events like Brexit over European market is likely to prove positive for the Australian market

If specifically property market is discussed, the scene is optimistic. For example, the Asian investors now see London, their preferred market for property buying as uncertain and unstable. Hence, they are most likely to switch to Australia thanks to the safety and stability of its market. In other words, the buyers from Europe will now be more willing to look forward to Australia for investment.
In long term, the trade relations between Britain and Australia’s may suffer and cause a slight inconvenience. But the risk is least probable to be huge.
So, these are our thoughts over the effects of so Britain’s exit in relation to the Australian economy. For more information about the topic and other issues regarding real estate, keep visiting blogger Marie Bolton’s blog

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Small Guide for Renovation for Profit

If we go buy the book, renovations for profit appear to be less risky and rather handy. All you need to do is buy at low, spend on fixing and then earn profit. Unfortunately the actual picture is a bit ugly. Instead of going for the various techniques to renovate, one most focus more on what must be renovated. So, here are a few points that will guide you for this scheme and help you earn profit:

·         Firstly you need to be wise in choosing the type of property. Questions like – “What kind of property suits the location and the budget?”  “Is renovation a feasible choice for this?”  “Will the renovated property be able to bring me enough profit?” should be asked to make this choice
·         Choice of property is followed by inspection.  It is advisable to make plenty of inspection before going for contract. If structural deformities are found, its better to leave the property.
·         Pricing is next in the queue.  Pricing mostly relies on your negotiation skills.  Also the flexibility of the seller depends on his will to sell the property.  Though it must be noted that too low prices may make the seller reluctant to allowing inspections.
·         After all this, renovation gets the turn. This requires good management which is best done by a professional. But never compromise with the budget and hence chose the professional that suits your budget as well as your needs. Also keep track of the expenses.

So that was a brief guide to help you with the renovation process and earn a good profit. For more updates and information regarding Real Estate matters stay tuned with Marie Bolton’s blog. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Marie Bolton: Your New Guide to Real Estate Investment

Real estate is going through good days. Property prices are increasing growing and growing with it is the number of investors interested in property investment. All this is because of the many benefits that it provides, like tax good leverage, tax free cash flow and mush more. However major risks like low liquidity and high transaction cost cannot be ignored. Thus, it is evident that to invest in Real estate, you need a proper guidance.

In current times, there are organisations or individual advisors working for providing you step by step help to grow in the real estate market. But what can be better than help coming to your doorstep? Wouldn’t it be great if we tell you that all information regarding issues related to real estate is just one click away? This is where the name Marie Bolton comes to rescue? Blogger Marie Bolton with the help of her huge social network provides you with information related to property investment.

Marie can tell you in renovation for your property or explain you with a new policy or scheme that can help you. She is present on all major social networking platforms like wordpress, blogger, twitter, facebook and etc. and keeps on coming up with articles about real estate and matters related to it. Even if you are new to the market and are not familiar with the technical “real estate language” Marie’s articles will help you understanding the scenario. So, for everyone looking for trying their luck in real estate market, Marie Bolton is a name that can surely help.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Renovate and Earn Better: Fix and Flip

These are good times for the real estate market. More and more people are willing to invest in properties. In such competitive times you can have your fair share of profit by wisely planning where and how to invest. A scheme that may help you in this regard and is popular nowadays is the fix and flip.

Renovation of the property before it putting it in the market is what fix and flips implies. Wisely planning your investment under this scheme may give a Midas touch to your property. So here are some points that may help you with this scheme:

  • First know your market. Spending a lot on a not so profitable property can be foolish. On the other hand buying a not so good property in a good neighbourhood may earn you good.
  • You must know the difference between various financing schemes and their pros and cons and choose accordingly to invest in the property
  • Not only renovation, but to know get an idea of the price of the property in market,you must research and network with experts. Rates like electricity, building etc. are important and often neglected while looking for property
  • Inspecting before Investing is a good policy. A good exploration of the property tells you about the areas demanding remodelling and also helps you negotiate the price. However, to be allowed for a thorough inspection, it is advised to go for full payment instead of discounts
  • Knowing what should be improved for a greater profit and having proper permits for renovations is also necessary for flipping the property.

Thus, keeping these points in mind may help you earn a good profit from your property.