Friday, 30 June 2017

Minimalistic Design Ideas for apartments

Minimalism is a legacy of the 'design' culture. The desire for simplicity and graphics, a minimum of furniture, built on the contrast of light and shade of colour came from the traditional Japanese interior. It's not even a way of decorating a house, but rather a worldview. If you are a pedant, do not tolerate chaos in the house, you are ready to give up excesses and live by the principle "the less, the better" - this is the guide for you. Five basic rules will be common for minimalism in a luxurious mansion and a small studio apartment.

First of all, minimalism is a sample of functionality. All the elements in it are selected from rationality and quality, and aesthetic value goes to the background.

Minimalism does not accept the freedom of form. Geometry is extremely simple in both architecture and design. The lines are mostly straight; there are not any curls and spirals here.

Today, as never before, minimalism is ecological, where most natural materials are used. Wood and other plant components, glass, concrete, stone, brick characterise the return to the origins. Are you able to love this natural beauty, nothing embellished and in many ways ascetic?


The traditional interior of Japanese dwellings was built on a play of light and shadow. Therefore, the maximum amount of light natural and the variety of scenarios artificial

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Some best interior designs: taken from around the world


This name was given to the work of designers from the studio ZiK Zak. And it is justified 100%. The colour palette used is really deep and saturated, and the combinations of shades are surprisingly fresh and bright. The presence of colour in the design and the abundance of bright details did not prevent the implementation of the concept of minimalism. The interior seems comfortable and orderly, and each element in it turns out to be functional. Living plants that are present in all rooms, natural parquet board and wooden wall panels speak about gravitation to ecological themes.


Entering the door, we get into the combined space of the corridor, the living room and the kitchen. We are greeted by saturated gray-brown basic tones, similar to trees after rain or wet asphalt of city roads. Pleasant to the eye is the noble, slightly muffled colour of the sofa. It reminds only the cold and cloudy river water that has been freed from the winter ice.

The warm, positive mood, the stability of emotions are "warmed up" by the bright golden finish of the partition, which conditionally separates the living room and the kitchen. An elegant stroke was a soft silver plush rug with a subtle, subtle lustre. Metallic, warm accents - this is another fashion trend of the season, which does not always look harmonious, but the notes of glamour do not harm the idea of COLORFUL AND BRIGHT.


Speaking of functionality, the designer wanted to pay attention to the design of the bookcase and kitchen facades, "disguised" in the walls. Finishing the working surface of the kitchen and island area imitates the texture of black marble, without which no fashionable interior has been for several seasons. Here it perfectly complements the deep grey shade of the facade tree.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Modern day country house: real examples

Winter is gone and here comes the time for the warm weather to hit Australia in a couple of days; which reminds us of the making the best cottage. Presenting in front of you some of the most amazing designs for a cottage or a country house; let’s begin


The house with a modern interior is located in Northern California, in a small town known as a wine region. Everything in it is filled with country cosiness and sunlight. The area of the site is small, but it was enough to create a comfortable patio.

At any point, there is a beautiful view of a pretty front garden with bright greenery of well-kept flower beds. The lounge area is separated from the dining room, which makes the accommodation of all guests and family members more comfortable.


Some prefer an active holiday, to lie on the beach, and to walk through the mountains, to impress impressions. And someone better not has relaxation than spending the whole vacation at the cottage with a book. Why go somewhere - because of everything for happiness at hand? And what to do if you can not agree in the family: one is to give home comfort, and the other is attracted by the road?
But you can take a house with you, travelling without mutual insults.     

Here is a good example: a cab-house with full functional rooms and a detailed arrangement of space!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

A perfect living room design

What do we usually associate with the style of the Living area? Ruches and roses, an aged chest of drawers, wooden beams of the ceiling? Not many modern people like this doll house. But looking at the elegant, fresh, modern interior, you’ll completely change your opinion about the Living area.


A light corridor leads to the room. When you look at the space of the kitchen-dining-living room, there is a feeling of well thought-out dramaturgy with a culmination point in the living room-library. The collection of books on open shelves occupies almost two walls, framing from all sides an electric fireplace in the snow-white portal and a TV.

This is the most comfortable place in the apartment, where you can comfortably sit by the fireplace in a Voltaire chair in a soft lilac upholstery. Along with the roof in the hallway, vertical blinds and several elements of textiles, the fireplace chair acts as an accent piece unobtrusively combining the entire interior.


The floor tiles in the kitchen and the parquet in the living room create a double impression: on the one hand, they have a textured outline of the space, on the other - combined it with a common diagonal masonry.

An interesting idea - the lining of a relief beige tile floor and the bottom of the wall in the hallway, allowed us to introduce impractical light tone in the finish.