Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How to plan for a lush green interior design setup PART TWO

So, this is the part two of the original write up ‘How to plan for a lush green interior design setup’. We’ll be discussing the remaining the designs for the remaining rooms, the bar areas and about the shine that goes with the colour scheme of the rooms. Let us begin;


Particular attention in the project was given to a variety of lighting. All kinds of lighting options were used, including built-in ceiling lights, hanging, wall panels that can be alternated and varied.

Bar and dining area

As requested by the owners, along with the kitchen there is a bar counter, taking place on the loggia, and a full dining area with a TV set on the wall, decorated with panoramic photo wallpapers.

The Bedroom

Mirror doors of the dressing room and a panel above the headboard, reinforced with original lamps and three-dimensional wallpaper, make the interior of the bedroom alive, make the shades play and shimmer under different lighting.

The children’s room

Since the difference in the age of the sisters is great, then their rooms are completely different. In general, they are united by colourful, effective combinations of colours and a variety of scenery. Built-in wardrobes, use of the space of the loggia gave the girls more space for recreation and games.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to plan for a lush green interior design setup PART ONE

The colour green and the colours similar to the ‘lime’ colour are pleasant to the eyes and therefore are considered the best for the walls and even the ceilings. You can choose as many objects and use several combinations to make your home look nice. 

With a little experiment with the range and variety of colours, you’ll be good to go. Today, we’ll discuss some of the best colour combinations that you can use with the colour green (and lime) to make your home look pretty.

We’ll be dividing the home into a set of 2-3 rooms, and we are going to compare the new colour with the old ones. Also, we are dividing this article into two parts. In the first part, we’ll take the living room area with the kitchen, and the remaining will be covered in the following post. Let us proceed;

First of all, the colour

Original colour scheme: the main background is light grey and beige, and unifying all rooms with a bright accent - green, beaten in different combinations. In the kitchen and in one of the children's rooms he divides the space with lemon, and in the bedroom and the room of the older girl - with purple.

Combined kitchen and living area

The kitchen was combined with a living room, a corridor and a lounge. The resulting through space gave a greater sense of volume in the common area. If nevertheless, the owners will need to separate the living room from the hallway or kitchen, Japanese curtains and sliding partitions are provided for which niches with guides are fitted in the ceiling. 

The boundaries of the living room are also separated from the hallway by a large aquarium set on a curb, and long suspensions