Monday, 26 September 2016

How we can remove broken light bulb ?

To change a broken light bulb, the 1stthing you must do is to turn off the current in it. If the broken light bulb hangs from the ceiling then put off the power at the electrical board and if the broken light bulb is inside a lamp then unplug the lamp.

Then wear safety glasses and a pair of protective gloves to hold any broken glass. But these instructions for incandescent bulbs only.

For other types of bulbs-
·       Use a pair needle-nosed plier - Grab the broken light bulb base and try to rotate it anti-clockwise until it starts to move. If you face trouble holding the base of the bulb in the pliers, you may angle the base slightly interior for a better grip. After you have removed the broken light bulb vacuum up the glass bits and debris.

·       Using an uncooked potato - Cut an uncooked potato in half to get a wide surface area from which to grab the bulb. Plunge the cut portion of the spud onto the base of the lamp. Make sure you have a rigid grip on the potato and begin to turn anti-clockwise until the base is removed. As told above, you may require jerking free.After removing, dry off any liquid that may have remained onto the fixture. Now carefully remove the broken bulb from the potato, dispose the spud and recycle the light bulb remaining.

It will be better if you consult and call any electrician to do this task.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

5 must have features for home renovation

Before you begin applying a hammer on your walls there are certain things to consider, whether you are remodeling to sell or just renovating your living space. Marie Bolton says it is important to know renovation is a long term investment so decide accordingly.
Some features you should consider for remodeling:

·       Built-in Ethernet cabling -TVs and computers require fast internet to make them useful, and speedy internet is best and most securely offered by conventional blue or yellow cables. The best time to put these cables during a remodeling is before the wall cladding enters the walls.

·       Gas stride window with the server - Who do not want a breakfast bar in their own house? The gas-stride window is a good alternative to bi-fold windows which are costly and can infringe on the space when folded open.

·       Street Appeal –Owning a deluxe house hidden behind a dreary exterior is slightly old fashioned. It must possess overhangs and shapes to shade the walls. It must contain windows positioned to provide privacy. It must possess a link to the character of the street.

·       Pendants –This is a good way to upgrade your house and is not only useful but can very appealing and even look like artworks.

·       Reverse cycle air-conditioning -Adding air-conditioning is a necessity as air-conditioners are valuable to houses. Better it still may be reverse cycle air-conditioning. Air-conditions are affordable to everyone now that energy conserved air-conditioners are found. So throw the old window air-conditioners and install split systems in every living room and bedroom.

If you are planning a house renovation many of these features must be in your list which adds timeless and real value to your home.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Two of the best Real Estate tools in 2016

Technology is a major influencer in any and every business, especially for real estate. It isn't just about listings and notices but the functionality extends beyond the buy-sell code.
Even the buyers today have innumerable tools at their disposable. You have to keep up or you'll go. With practicality and applicability in mind, we bring to you 2 tools, one of them for a smartphone to take your property deals to the next level.

Beautiful and practical, GoConnect is an app that is efficient and stylish. All the listings are passes in four color-coded categories which comes with an action list. Once a vendor checks in, you can assign contacts and when a potential buyer shows up, you can instantly get listings under contract

GoConnect is concise, uncluttered and streamlined. Supported by iOS and Android, this app is free.
It's a 50-50 chance that you've heard of Tansler. Similar to Airbnb but more useful, it has one unique feature that sets it apart: reverse auction. What's that? Well before coming to that let’s understand how Tansler works. You need to share your home for a while and you list your vacation property. There nothing new in that. But the difference here is that it's not you, it's the prospective renters who quote the price they are willing to pay per night.
Renters may choose as many properties as they like and bid for it. Now all the renter offers are sent to you, creating a mini-auction. Now the race begins, where the first host or owner who accepts the offer wins and ends the auction. So instead of renters bidding for a house, it's you bidding for a renter. Also, everything is fresh as the auction expires after 24 hours if no owner accepts that offer.
Oh, and hang those hooks. You aren't at too much loss here. You are letting a random person choose a random price but you're still getting something aren't you? Plus who says that you have to accept anything?? Accept if you like if you don't they disappear.
There's another wow factor here.
Tansler only charges a 3% fee to owners, while handling all the payment processing plus, pays the owners within 48 hours of accepting any offer.
Tansler is a unique business model which empowers the prospective renters to and allowing backflow of demand. If you still think that it isn't going to work, think again for the business is going good and Tansler now has over 50,000 properties and still growing. Tansler has even partnered with Homeaway/VRBO. Tansler can help you expands your potential client base.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Questions to ask when buying a home

Questions to ask when buying a home
When you head towards a home and decide for the offer, you already have a list of questions to ask a real estate agent to ensure you are signing the right deal. Never forget to pose hard-hitting questions to past property-owners, the neighbours, and even yourself.
Following questions to be asked:

·       Is renting or buying a good option?
Depending on your present status, you may need some time to save for a down payment. If you have much debt, do not have many funds saved up or a low credit score renting may be a good option.
·       What is the neighbourhood’s crime rate?
The second important thing regarding what questions to ask when owning a house is the safety of your neighbourhood and city.
·       What is wrong in the house?
The sellers really want to get rid of the properties, so they are unwilling to disclose any actual problems. You should remind sellers that with disclosures and inspections chances are you will find out the problems. Therefore if the sellers just open up with it, they will avoid wasting their time and yours.
·       Is this property in a flood plain?
Residing in a flood plain requires flood insurance, which can affect the cost of living in the home. Be sure to question if the house is in a floodplain. It does mean anything to talk with your property agent and double-check with the county, too.

So questioning about buying a property before you make a deal help you determine whether the property for sale is correct for you or not.