Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Remodel Kitchen Earn Profit

We all have our plans for our homes. From the choice of furniture to the colors of plants in the garden, it’s all envisioned in the mind. And amidst these, one can never forget the one most important part - The Kitchen. If you’re planning to put up the property on sale, here are a few tips on remodeling the kitchen to add value to your house.
·         Color should be the the first thing to go for. A light paint that goes with the house is perfect to start with.
·         The furniture comes next. Your kitchen needs to look clean, and thus adding a cabinet is a smart move.

·         Apart from furniture, adding things like a Refrigerator, a Water purifier etc. add to the kitchen’s value making it as good as new. Though you need to check the remodeling budget before going for them.

·         Marble or granite in kitchen always attracts the buyers. You can go for actual stones or just the tile lookalikes as per the budget.

·         An open area gives a refreshing look to the kitchen. You can provide some empty spaces in the kitchen to provide such areas.
·         You can add a wow element by adding some lights. Lights always have an attractive presence and even in kitchen can do wonders.
These are some small points to keep in mind before going for a kitchen renovation to add to your property’s value. For more information about renovation and real estate keep visiting our blog.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Flipping: How Condos are different?

Profit from renovation comes in a lot of ways. It is important to choose the one that brings you the good amount of profit as well as suits best for your personal and financial conditions. There are some types of property that often go overlooked but may bring good gains in remodelled with wise planning and homework.

Condos are one such kind of property. Unlike single family houses, condos often go ignored in the flipping market, though if properly handled and remodelled, they can help you earn great profits on your investment. All you need to have is good research work and quite a knowledge about remodelling areas and their effect on the value of the property. There are a few areas that need a different perspective than other commercial properties like single family homes and if planned with good research and homework these can prove to be money diggers.

One such are is the renovation of Bathroom and Kitchen. Kitchen and Bathroom are two of the most expensive areas in the property for remodelling. But, in the case of condos, the buyers appreciate the work on both of them. However, it is important to make sure that the reconstruction does not change the bathroom or kitchen into a luxury one as it might make the buyer reluctant. Adding a bathroom on the other hand might be a good idea.
There are also some inexpensive additions that tend to be important for condos. Adding hardwood floor and more importantly installing closets especially in bedrooms and near pantries are some good ideas.
So, this was our tip on flipping condos. For more information about the renovation and real estate, keep visiting Mari Bolton’s Blog.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Say No to These 5 Points for Renovation

Renovation, if done properly and with prior research is certain to bring profits. But investment in wrong remodelling may end up in a loss. So here are 5 points that you must avoid while planning for renovation

Don’t fall for Wallpapers
Wallpapers always attract us with their patterns and designs. But the first rule of Renovation says, what you like might not please the buyer. And it is a real headache removing wallpapers if you don’t like them, simply putting, Say No to wallpaper.

Tiles might be a good choice

Working on floors is another herculean task, especially when you need to remove the old to put the new. So, if you’re thinking of tiling, better choose the ones that do not come as much fancy to the buyers.

Is Luxury a good option for Kitchens and Bathrooms

If we go with statistics, it is been observed that remodelling the kitchens to luxurious ones sucks more money than it earns back. The bathrooms follow the same numbers too. You may scare the buyers with the high-end kitchens and bathrooms which might make them less willing to buy the house.

Joining Bedrooms? Wait!

For families with children, separate bedrooms are necessary. So if you’re planning to join those two small bedrooms into a big one, think again.

Space or Closets

Removing closets for space might look a good idea. But think from a buyer’s point of view. It is been observed that buyers keep the number of closets as a point while buying a property.

So, these are the 5 points that you must keep in mind while going for renovation. For more information on real estate and renovation, keep visiting Marie Bolton’s blog.