Saturday, 22 October 2016


Home renovation is very trendy these days. More and more homeowners are choosing to stay in the same place, making it more lucrative and fashionable, rather than purchase a new home. To make room for budding families and changing needs, home renovations are occurring at an ever-faster pace. Whether the need is to update the home, add more space or simply make the home better, it reflects a family’s character and needs.

We also have the expertise to take on technically difficult and complex projects such as dealing with unique structural issues or projects requiring work that is phased over time. Home renovations are done according to the taste and wish of the family members, whether they want it to my up to the minute or vintage or contemporary. Mostly liked renovations are discussed below:
1.   Vintage
It actually refers to a particular period in time - the glamorous 1940s. Extremely elegant, colours are soft with one or two bold colours for impacting contrast, and fabrics, luxurious. Vintage houses emit an old world vibe.
2.   Contemporary
If you like to keep up with current styles, contemporary homes styles suit you best. By its definition, contemporary designs are characterized by what is in style right now. Therefore, they are ever changing and can be a mixture of different eras, put together elegantly.
3.   Eclectic interior
Eclectic interior design is a mash up of styles, textures and colours in one room. Because it can seem so random, it takes a keen eye to strike that balance. Done right, it can create an atmosphere that is charming, distinctive, imaginative and pleasurable.

4.   Industrial interior
The industrial interior comes from the manufacturing. The look is raw,
unfinished, achieved with rough surfaces and materials that suggest an 
industrial past. Wood and metal are used heavily, as are exposed pipes 
and ducts, cement screed, and vintage furniture. The style never looks sloppy, and can look coordinated.

5.   Transitional
Transitional style is also known as 'updated classic'. It is a blend of the classy and refined conventional style and simplistic contemporary style to create an uncomplicated design that epitomizes harmony and elegance. Furniture used should focus on sophistication, soothe and practicality.
 6.   Retro
As with Vintage, retro designs are not anything that is old. It refers to the styles encouraged by 1960s decor, where psychedelic patterns and colours ruled. These designs came with the hippy movement and today, inject homes with intellect of nostalgia and eclecticism.
 In addition to making your life better every day, home remodeling projects will ideally enhance your home’s value. Buyers look at the basic structure and floor plan of your house, as well as the home’s condition. So it’s advised that your house should be well maintained and accessories entirely match with its making style.

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