Saturday, 10 December 2016

Before the end of the year, here is the Australia’s best growth suburbs

Few days there was an auction season, which started to gradually the power that was ahead of the Christmas, a very fresh and new data has been revealed that instantly showed the double-digit growth in hundreds of the suburbs across the country for the past year, which is initially very drastic.

The place named Plumpton, in Melbourne city is the northwest drastic growth corridor, which has indeed achieved the highest annual growth in the terms of the houses of all suburbs that are in the Australia in the past year.

The Voyager Point, which is located on the Georges River and its about 25kms away from the Sydney CBD, did achieve the second biggest annual growth and it was 33%, whihc was totally and closely followed by the Wonga Park of the Melbourne’s outer northeast with the gradual increase of 32% annual growth.

The Victoria boasts that is always considered as the most number of suburbs in the national top 10 list, came fifth. The NSW and the Western Australia have two each, which is slightly disappointing, while the South Australia and the Queensland feature one suburb in the national top 10 list. The Annual growth that was seen was just in between 25% and 40% for suburbs in the national top 10 list.

So, this is the growth chart that came up before the year end and it showed the slightly changing air of the suburbs. 

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