Sunday, 18 December 2016

What should be the colour of your Penthouse? Want to know the most trending one?

The real Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced recently and it is announced before the commencement of every year since the year 2000.
The nominated colour of this are those that are seen as the snapshot of indeed what is just happening in the whole world culture and it has its historically influenced architecture, interior design, fashion, and even the food.
The Pantone basically describes the 2017’s Greenery as the “nature’s neutral” means a colour, which renders the “reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment”, as it was in accordance to the Leatrice Eiserman, who is the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.
Eiserman has foretold that the people will just love to go for a fresh start in the New Year by eating healthier foods and disconnecting from the technology a little bit and spending more and more time on the great outdoors.
“Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose,” she said.
The last year Pantone picked the green just for its colour of the year, which was in the year 2013, when it chosen the colour the darker Emerald hue, which literally symbolised luxury.
So, now what do you all think? What should be your choice and what should be your colour collection of the house? Didn’t think till now? think again because this year is about to end.

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