Wednesday, 18 January 2017

HOW TO MAKE REPAIRS: while you rent

At the conclusion of the contract, it is possible to discuss and make an item about the complete or partial replacement of the furnishings, interior in a certain period. But most often this question does not even rise at the very beginning. Also, apartment repairs are not included in the conditions of deterioration of apartment rent. But if you want, you can negotiate with the owner. There are several options that can be offered.

Repair of the rent

You buy all the materials, spend on workers and the interior, and then live a long time in cleanliness and cosiness due to the presented checks. Calculate the amount in advance and check with the landlord. Approximate interior and design should please the owner. The contract for some repairs will not be superfluous, so you will protect yourself from eviction immediately after repair and do not lose money.

Furthermore, there are stuff like wallpapers, chipped off paint and decorative items that you may or may not want to get repaired or replaced. If you want those items to be repaired be sure to cross check the permissions with your landlord. Sometimes, because of certain miscommunications, the tenant ends up in a mess.

 As far as the payment of the fancy item goes, your landlord mustn’t be in favour of paying for the fancy stuff that you are doing there. Don’t overdo anything, keep it simple and subtle.

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