Monday, 9 January 2017

Interior designing of the rooms

When we talk about the interior designing, many of us get our thoughts concentrated only on the Living area, and we forget about the other rooms in our home. Here we’ll talk about the idealistic setup for the furniture, stylisation, and ways to enhance the functionality of the available space while providing the best interior design for your home. Let’s get started;


The facades of the Ivory kitchen attract attention with simplicity. There is no cumbersome hood, but the traditions of Provence are still respected: household appliances, including a refrigerator, are hidden behind an array of wood.


Textured, but rather laconic textiles on the windows took the place of the main decor. As an addition - pictures with the image of Provencal herbs.


The white furniture of Italian factories is distinguished by its elegance. It is aristocratic and simple, but it lacks minimalist sharpness due to the rounded shape of the backs and legs.


The dressing room, at the request of the hostess, occupies a separate room. It is perfectly organised regarding rationality and does not go beyond the style of any detail. Many open shelves and drawers for storing clothes, shoes, high and low rails, ironing board, good lighting and a full-length mirror: there's nothing to complain about.


Daylight, penetrating through vertical lavender blinds, creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere in this small space. A soft sofa with storage space and an elegant round folding table in the Provencal spirit is quite enough for a relaxing holiday. For stylization, flowers and their images, lanterns and wall clocks were chosen.

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