Saturday, 18 March 2017

Top things to avoid when staging home

Almost everybody amongst us has been there while selling their properties to the buyers through agents. We tend to quickly jump on to some revamping, renovating and remodelling work for the property that we want to sell just to make it somehow more and more appealing to the buyers and we think that will be going to increase the price and lets us earn more profit.
That all is understandable but, there must be a limitation to all such things. Over staging can distract buyers for what exactly your property has to offer or even can make them think that you are hiding something from them. So at this point somethings are to be avoided preventing you from overdoing.
Here are some of the important things to avoid while staging your property. The sole motto is to keep things simple and sober while you present your property to the buyers.

Fancy table settings

The buyers aren’t looking for fancy, expensive and attractive table settings full of antiques and articles. These things will surely look beautiful but aren’t necessary at all.

A perfect bedroom

Creating a look of a perfect bedroom will make your property look like as if it is a hotel or something and gives a false illusion to the buyer.

Too many fragrances

Always try to avoid cheap smells just some fresh flowers and open windows will make the circulation of air better and will do the job.

Expensive electronics

Again, there is no need to make your house look like a hotel or else the buyer will think whether they can afford all of it or not. And the deal might go down the drain.

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