Monday, 1 May 2017

Repairs: on the go

While opting a property on rent, people always get sceptical about the repairs. There are at some point the property needs some repairs and renovation. All such things are to be dealt with great care. The main question that arises now, what all repairs come under the budget of the landlord. 

In simpler terms, as a tenant, you must know about the repairs for which the landlord must pay and how you can get the best out of it? Let us dig deeper.

The owner gives you the necessary amount, and you do everything yourself. The price of items like glue wallpapers and tiles. The owner saves on the labour, and the tenant gets comfortable conditions for him. Only such repairs will necessarily select the next weekend for a few months, and on weekdays you will stumble over bags of cement and tools. 

The arrangement is oral, so it is not uncommon for a situation that after repair, the owner, under a plausible pretext, gets rid of the tenants, and more profitable lends an apartment, in our experience, there are many such precedents.

The combination of the two options will allow more qualitative repairs with less time. Most often, they carry out a major replacement of communications, wiring and levelling of walls with the subsequent interior design.

But partial repair is not worth it; it is difficult to monitor the safety of things and surfaces. Appearing scratches drops of paint, and other visible defects will be considered your negligence with the subsequent deduction of money from the security deposit.

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