Sunday, 18 September 2016

5 must have features for home renovation

Before you begin applying a hammer on your walls there are certain things to consider, whether you are remodeling to sell or just renovating your living space. Marie Bolton says it is important to know renovation is a long term investment so decide accordingly.
Some features you should consider for remodeling:

·       Built-in Ethernet cabling -TVs and computers require fast internet to make them useful, and speedy internet is best and most securely offered by conventional blue or yellow cables. The best time to put these cables during a remodeling is before the wall cladding enters the walls.

·       Gas stride window with the server - Who do not want a breakfast bar in their own house? The gas-stride window is a good alternative to bi-fold windows which are costly and can infringe on the space when folded open.

·       Street Appeal –Owning a deluxe house hidden behind a dreary exterior is slightly old fashioned. It must possess overhangs and shapes to shade the walls. It must contain windows positioned to provide privacy. It must possess a link to the character of the street.

·       Pendants –This is a good way to upgrade your house and is not only useful but can very appealing and even look like artworks.

·       Reverse cycle air-conditioning -Adding air-conditioning is a necessity as air-conditioners are valuable to houses. Better it still may be reverse cycle air-conditioning. Air-conditions are affordable to everyone now that energy conserved air-conditioners are found. So throw the old window air-conditioners and install split systems in every living room and bedroom.

If you are planning a house renovation many of these features must be in your list which adds timeless and real value to your home.

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