Thursday, 8 September 2016

Questions to ask when buying a home

Questions to ask when buying a home
When you head towards a home and decide for the offer, you already have a list of questions to ask a real estate agent to ensure you are signing the right deal. Never forget to pose hard-hitting questions to past property-owners, the neighbours, and even yourself.
Following questions to be asked:

·       Is renting or buying a good option?
Depending on your present status, you may need some time to save for a down payment. If you have much debt, do not have many funds saved up or a low credit score renting may be a good option.
·       What is the neighbourhood’s crime rate?
The second important thing regarding what questions to ask when owning a house is the safety of your neighbourhood and city.
·       What is wrong in the house?
The sellers really want to get rid of the properties, so they are unwilling to disclose any actual problems. You should remind sellers that with disclosures and inspections chances are you will find out the problems. Therefore if the sellers just open up with it, they will avoid wasting their time and yours.
·       Is this property in a flood plain?
Residing in a flood plain requires flood insurance, which can affect the cost of living in the home. Be sure to question if the house is in a floodplain. It does mean anything to talk with your property agent and double-check with the county, too.

So questioning about buying a property before you make a deal help you determine whether the property for sale is correct for you or not.

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