Monday, 26 September 2016

How we can remove broken light bulb ?

To change a broken light bulb, the 1stthing you must do is to turn off the current in it. If the broken light bulb hangs from the ceiling then put off the power at the electrical board and if the broken light bulb is inside a lamp then unplug the lamp.

Then wear safety glasses and a pair of protective gloves to hold any broken glass. But these instructions for incandescent bulbs only.

For other types of bulbs-
·       Use a pair needle-nosed plier - Grab the broken light bulb base and try to rotate it anti-clockwise until it starts to move. If you face trouble holding the base of the bulb in the pliers, you may angle the base slightly interior for a better grip. After you have removed the broken light bulb vacuum up the glass bits and debris.

·       Using an uncooked potato - Cut an uncooked potato in half to get a wide surface area from which to grab the bulb. Plunge the cut portion of the spud onto the base of the lamp. Make sure you have a rigid grip on the potato and begin to turn anti-clockwise until the base is removed. As told above, you may require jerking free.After removing, dry off any liquid that may have remained onto the fixture. Now carefully remove the broken bulb from the potato, dispose the spud and recycle the light bulb remaining.

It will be better if you consult and call any electrician to do this task.

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