Saturday, 10 June 2017

A perfect living room design

What do we usually associate with the style of the Living area? Ruches and roses, an aged chest of drawers, wooden beams of the ceiling? Not many modern people like this doll house. But looking at the elegant, fresh, modern interior, you’ll completely change your opinion about the Living area.


A light corridor leads to the room. When you look at the space of the kitchen-dining-living room, there is a feeling of well thought-out dramaturgy with a culmination point in the living room-library. The collection of books on open shelves occupies almost two walls, framing from all sides an electric fireplace in the snow-white portal and a TV.

This is the most comfortable place in the apartment, where you can comfortably sit by the fireplace in a Voltaire chair in a soft lilac upholstery. Along with the roof in the hallway, vertical blinds and several elements of textiles, the fireplace chair acts as an accent piece unobtrusively combining the entire interior.


The floor tiles in the kitchen and the parquet in the living room create a double impression: on the one hand, they have a textured outline of the space, on the other - combined it with a common diagonal masonry.

An interesting idea - the lining of a relief beige tile floor and the bottom of the wall in the hallway, allowed us to introduce impractical light tone in the finish.

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