Saturday, 24 June 2017

Some best interior designs: taken from around the world


This name was given to the work of designers from the studio ZiK Zak. And it is justified 100%. The colour palette used is really deep and saturated, and the combinations of shades are surprisingly fresh and bright. The presence of colour in the design and the abundance of bright details did not prevent the implementation of the concept of minimalism. The interior seems comfortable and orderly, and each element in it turns out to be functional. Living plants that are present in all rooms, natural parquet board and wooden wall panels speak about gravitation to ecological themes.


Entering the door, we get into the combined space of the corridor, the living room and the kitchen. We are greeted by saturated gray-brown basic tones, similar to trees after rain or wet asphalt of city roads. Pleasant to the eye is the noble, slightly muffled colour of the sofa. It reminds only the cold and cloudy river water that has been freed from the winter ice.

The warm, positive mood, the stability of emotions are "warmed up" by the bright golden finish of the partition, which conditionally separates the living room and the kitchen. An elegant stroke was a soft silver plush rug with a subtle, subtle lustre. Metallic, warm accents - this is another fashion trend of the season, which does not always look harmonious, but the notes of glamour do not harm the idea of COLORFUL AND BRIGHT.


Speaking of functionality, the designer wanted to pay attention to the design of the bookcase and kitchen facades, "disguised" in the walls. Finishing the working surface of the kitchen and island area imitates the texture of black marble, without which no fashionable interior has been for several seasons. Here it perfectly complements the deep grey shade of the facade tree.

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