Thursday, 15 June 2017

Modern day country house: real examples

Winter is gone and here comes the time for the warm weather to hit Australia in a couple of days; which reminds us of the making the best cottage. Presenting in front of you some of the most amazing designs for a cottage or a country house; let’s begin


The house with a modern interior is located in Northern California, in a small town known as a wine region. Everything in it is filled with country cosiness and sunlight. The area of the site is small, but it was enough to create a comfortable patio.

At any point, there is a beautiful view of a pretty front garden with bright greenery of well-kept flower beds. The lounge area is separated from the dining room, which makes the accommodation of all guests and family members more comfortable.


Some prefer an active holiday, to lie on the beach, and to walk through the mountains, to impress impressions. And someone better not has relaxation than spending the whole vacation at the cottage with a book. Why go somewhere - because of everything for happiness at hand? And what to do if you can not agree in the family: one is to give home comfort, and the other is attracted by the road?
But you can take a house with you, travelling without mutual insults.     

Here is a good example: a cab-house with full functional rooms and a detailed arrangement of space!

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