Friday, 30 June 2017

Minimalistic Design Ideas for apartments

Minimalism is a legacy of the 'design' culture. The desire for simplicity and graphics, a minimum of furniture, built on the contrast of light and shade of colour came from the traditional Japanese interior. It's not even a way of decorating a house, but rather a worldview. If you are a pedant, do not tolerate chaos in the house, you are ready to give up excesses and live by the principle "the less, the better" - this is the guide for you. Five basic rules will be common for minimalism in a luxurious mansion and a small studio apartment.

First of all, minimalism is a sample of functionality. All the elements in it are selected from rationality and quality, and aesthetic value goes to the background.

Minimalism does not accept the freedom of form. Geometry is extremely simple in both architecture and design. The lines are mostly straight; there are not any curls and spirals here.

Today, as never before, minimalism is ecological, where most natural materials are used. Wood and other plant components, glass, concrete, stone, brick characterise the return to the origins. Are you able to love this natural beauty, nothing embellished and in many ways ascetic?


The traditional interior of Japanese dwellings was built on a play of light and shadow. Therefore, the maximum amount of light natural and the variety of scenarios artificial

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